Knitted Dresses; A Must Have for Fall!


Knitted dresses have always been a regular fashion statement for the Fall season. The ribbed textures, smoldering colors, and of course the comfort factor makes it the go to for quick and easy styling. The look is suitable for any occasion really, and a quick fix when transitioning from work to play. In terms of Quirky Bombshell styling though, I suggest finding these looks in creative cuts and styles. For example, the peek-a-boo sleeve knit dresses are sexy and youthful with a little edginess. Then you have the fitted ones with the thick turtleneck style that’s warm and sophisticated. The go to colors for knit dresses this season are neutral in tone with sunset yellow, deep purple, hunter green, and even chalk white and a stand out shade. Red is stunning too, and seems to be the favorite among Instagram models. Adding accessories like belts, bangles, and earrings this dress is amped up to another level. There’s lots you can do with a knit dress; it’s like a blank canvas, so make it creative.


MB: AKademic Grunge

MB: Academic GrungeThis Mood Board was a long time coming. I have in my head an image of a girl who loves school, but not any restrictions, or expectations that go along with it. She loves to be different. She’s into pop culture, anime, and in-your-face rebellious rhetoric. I’d dress her in sheer fabric tops, thick knitted sweaters, pleated skirts, sheer thigh-high’s with holes, and anime/logo button pins. The cherry on the cake; worn converse. Not worn to the point of no return, but stressed just right. I like Liv Tylers makeup in this board. She ties it all in.


Fall Fashion + Stress Free Styling

No Stress Fashion
This Fall/Winter, don’t get caught up in dressing for the weather. I’ve seen more and more people slowly drift away from the old methods of fashion. For example; discounting any kind of sheer or light weight clothing made with ultra-thin fabrics for the colder season. As you can see, people are still wearing sheer garments, skirts, shorts, and any other popular summer clothing. Throw on a heavy coat over any summer look and keep things moving. The reason for this is due to more people investing in quality pieces and not necessarily acquiring fast fashion. I’ve also noticed that finished hems are becoming a thing of the past too. Furs are popular BUT fake ones are preferred. Faux furs are inexpensive and cruelty free. There’s something very stress free about the fashion styles of 2017 and I totally vibe with it.

Embroidered Sleeves and Patches…

Embroidered Sleeves and Patches Fashion

A popular fashion trend hitting the market lately is EMBROIDERY. Whether it be on the sleeve or strategically placed in areas where patches are featured; Floral Embroidery is all the rage. Place them on the bust, collars, or just about anywhere else they’ll fit. Sewn and patched embroidery ads personality to any look! The floral patches are dainty and ultra-feminine with a vintage touch. Animal patches are also making a big debut.  When styling items with patches, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Remember, embroidery and/or patches are simply embellished details that highlight the overall look. I love to get extreme with it; very very heavy or simplistic and chic. It depends on the mood of the shoot or how edgy.


Transeasonal Essentials Fall 2017

Transeasonal Essentials

These are just a few popular pieces that will not disappear with summer:

  1. The Kimono
  2. Lingerie Bodysuit
  3. Roll Up Denim
  4. Rose Gold Hoop Earrings
  5. Maxi Dress

I see two full outfits here, but of course there are a multitude of ways to wear each. The Kimono can be worn over dresses, jumpers, and dress pants. The one I picked has a long silhouette with a Boho inspired floral print.  To keep things on the safe side, I suggest getting your Kimono in a solid neutral color, or even brilliant red. Surprisingly the lace bodysuit has increased in popularity for fall. Over the summer, popular retailers like American Apparel featured pieces made of sheer embroidered fabric in abundance. I believe the bodysuits are staying put because they also have layer potential. Soft belted silhouettes are taking center stage this fall for that same reason. The Boho dress has the same versatility. I’ve seen catwalk shows with models wearing heavy coats or thick chunky sweaters over spaghetti strap Boho dresses and thigh-high boots. The denim and rose gold earrings are simple pieces that anyone can style. Both could work for casual and formal styling as well.  All the items shown have lots of wear ability and can easily blend into any wardrobe.