Checks for FALL!

Another  awesome trend for Fall 2017 is Check and Plaid prints. The classic monochromatic chequerboard, Blue-Cast, Retro Golden Plaid, and Glitch checks have been trending heavily all across the board; especially in junior wear. The shoe of choice? Suede floral heels, and boots work well with the smoldering berry tones of the season.  The silhouettes above are classic, but with the right pops of color; it’s modern and cool. When styling with these patterns, be sure to keep in mind that layering will make your look plush without the heat. You’ll look warm and not overheated. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and get creative with accessories. I don’t like to follow dated color stories for Fall. I wear bright bold colors no matter what the season. It’s my mood really. 🙂

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