I am a creative and talented Fashion Writer with over seven years of fashion expertise. Studying abroad in London England and obtaining a degree in Fashion Design has given me excellent versatility in my profession. I am highly skilled at writing, trend forecasting, consulting , and the fashion industry overall!

Since 2009, I have done website content, marketing, and consulting for the following companies:

• Jacco Fashion (CN)

• Elaine Biss Fashion Illustrator (U.S)

• Mokea Designs Online Boutique (AU)

• Fashify Online Magazine (U.S)

• Bag Inc. Online Boutique (CN)

• Minstyle Designer Boutique (U.S)

• Moldiva Website (RU)

• Social Beauties Website (U.S)

• Seoul Barbie Online Boutique (KR)

• Nerd Code Apparel Online Store (U.S)

• Las Vegas Shoe Shine Girls Business (U.S)

• Style Cynics Website (U.K)

• RNU Style Online Fashion Collection (CA)

• Plus Size Fashion Blog Online (U.S)

• Rosies and Rockers Boutique (U.S)


Aside from doing online fashion consulting and Fashion website development, I have worked as a visual merchandiser for over 4 years. Helping people reach their desired goals is what I love the most aside from writing about fashion of course.

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