Collection Review: Topshop Spring/Summer 2018

The spring/summer Topshop collection had some interesting contrasts to consider. Everything from the color palette to the actual textiles had a fun aesthetic to it. I loved the metallic pink jackets and long petticoats. Topshop is clearly capable of creating transeasonal pieces (items that transition into other seasons). Keep in mind; this is a European based company, so featuring long coats for spring isn’t too surprising. I mentioned the color palette earlier…not too crazy about it. What really caught my attention was the Lilac Opal, Apple Blossom, Frosted Fig, and Mauve pieces. Those skirts were driving me nuts though! Adwoa Aboah opened the show, and her skirt riding up was just so frustrating to me. It was all I could focus on. The problem could be the length. That fabric (whatever it was) probably isn’t the best choice. The silhouettes were basic, except for the more formal pieces. This IS a ready-to-wear retailer after all. I had to remind myself of that fact, which excused the basicness of it all. The sparkling velvety fabric and billowing sheer formalwear stole the show. The styling was interesting too; sporty and sweet meets formal and street. This collection maintained its youthful presents and I look forward to seeing it in stores next year.


2016 Fashion Collaboration & Innovations!

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Happy New Year! When it comes to Fashion and E-commerce, it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening in technology and the industry. There was a time when the focus was on fashion brand collaborations, now it’s more about collaborating industries. Pimpkie (a European Retailer) has recently collaborated with some high-end Hotels to provide their recipients with what I’ve come to understand is “Fashion Room Service”. Here is the link to a video that explains the dynamics of what it is. Basically when you arrive to your room, there are a few clothing items from Pimpkie waiting in the closet. It’s like the refreshments that are in your tiny hotel fridge; if you choose an item or two, you get charged. Although it’s a great idea and a luxury, there are still risks to consider. First off, people come with clothing when they travel, unless their luggage gets lost. Heavy data analysis would have to go into selecting items fit for any taste level. Also, I wonder if the price points are higher, and if the selection is exclusive. I personally hate seeing someone in the same outfit I’m wearing. Well, I assume Pimkies’ idea is doing well, since they’re actually expanding throughout Europe, but what about the U.S? Will people catch on here?

As a professional Fashion Writer who specializes in E-commerce content, I see a lot of opportunity with Pimpkies’ idea. There’s plenty of planning and web coding to consider with this new advent. If the hotel industry really starts merging with the fashion industry, then it could only benefit both. Brands will now have the opportunity to expose potentially new clientele to their goods. Hotels could even increase their occupancy based on what clothing brand they carry. With so much competition in the hotel industry, FASHION could be a determining factor for where the customer chooses to stay. Fashion brands can even offer exclusive items that are only available to people staying in the hotels they’re collaborating with. Right now the marketing is directed towards women, but it’s only to work the kinks out I assume. Shopping has changed so much, and now brick and mortar stores are finding that they have to compete by creating CONCEPT STORES (click here for article). Stores are even adding sitting areas and free Wi-Fi like Topshop in London. Although shopping is still considered a fun pass time, how far will technology take us from the REAL shopping experience? Only time will tell.