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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to click and discover Quirky Bombshell Writing Services. I look forward to the summer heat AND the writing opportunities it brings. Apart from writing fashion related content, I will also be posting articles pertaining to other aspects of my industry. I do write beauty articles here and there, but mostly write ups promoting fashion events, and businesses dealing with fashion e-commerce. I don’t need to go through every package I offer, since they are available on Facebook and my link.  Instead I’d rather inform you on what’s to come for my website. I will be more interactive; posting more content about my fashion interest,  insight, and of course…ME ;P. Because after all, I am the Quirky Bombshell, and as a Fashion writer, I MUST represent…Thank you. 😜💋💄 👛👠💕❤


Where inspiration hits?

SO while coming up with ideas for the August issue.  I try to look for inspiration. This for some reason stuck out for me. Exhaust comes out of that, but yet its so beautifully colored… ok done.

Fashion Sketching…


I’m excellent at writing. I have a huge portfolio with hundreds of fashion write ups done over the years, but I’ve always wanted to act on another passion of mine…drawing. Yes, I love fashion illustrators of all kinds. Ruben Toledo is my favorite  and I’ve always admired his talent to capture the essence of any fashion designers work through his unique interpretation. His work inspires so many artist, designers, and yes writers like myself. I’ve done a few drawings for my book The Quirky Bombshell Guide to Fashion Organization, so I’ve attempted to sketch in some form. This book The Creative License by Danny Gregory has really given me a boost of confidence to draw my own fashion illustrations. This book has cool creative drawings, but it also gives some great insight on  developing your own style. He gives practical tips on drawing simple objects. What I love the most about this book is the fun tutorials and the freedom it gives to draw less than perfect. Maybe that’s why the subtitle for this book is “Giving yourself permission to be the artist you truly are”. Your toughest critic is yourself. I won’t let negativity thwart my drive to extend my talents beyond writing. Just say I/YOU CAN DO IT and IT can be done!



Digital Printing + Fashion = Fashion innovation :)

Image result for digital print on denim

I recently came across a report describing how print screening will be trending for denim in Summer 2017/18. I believe denim is one of the most versatile fabrics to create with and style. Back in the late 1960’s, denim use to be exclusively for artist or people who did messy work and now look! It’s the most worn fabric AND the formality of it has changed dramatically. With technology brings new advents for fashion. The digital wave is changing the game in every industry. Computers are manipulating textures too; shredded denim and soft surfaces. Digital printing on fabric is only the beginning of what’s hot for fashion this summer.